Everything About Sumatra Chicken Breeds

sumatra chicken

Sumatra chicken is great fighters and they are great breeds for fighting competitions. If you love watching chicken fight competition then you should keep the breed and it will forever make you great. In this series of chicken breeds, you will learn more information about the history and origin of Sumatra breed, physical characteristics and … Read more

All You Need To Know About Welsummer Chicken Breed

welsummer chicken

Welsummer chicken is a beautiful breed of chicken in Europe. Their lovely appearance and personality are what makes the breed to be popular. It is shameful to see the breed of chicken not available on the list of chicken breed in the world today despite the outstanding appearances. In this post, you will discover information … Read more

Everything About White Faced Black Spanish Breed

white faced black Spanish

White-faced black Spanish breed of chicken is also known as clown-faced chicken. The breed is the oldest in the Mediterranean. The general appearance makes them attractive to others while other people say the bird looks ugly. In this post, you will discover the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics, and reasons why they … Read more

Startling Information About Buff Orpington Chicken

buff orpington chicken

Buff Orpington chicken is among the hundreds of chicken breeds in the world. The breed of chicken is typically known to be a dual-purpose breed. The chicken has some unique set of genetic traits that make them be a high-quality producer of both meat and eggs. The robust breed is an old heritage breed of … Read more

Captivating Facts About Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder chicken is the most stunning breed of chicken in the world. They have a cute appearance and gorgeous eyes. They happen to be the most popular, distinctive and attractive chicken breeds across Europe and Asia. In this series of chicken breeds, you will discover more about the history and origin of Barneveld, physical characteristics … Read more

Undeniable Facts About Bantam Chickens Breed

bantam chickens

Bantam chickens are great poultry for urban farming and homesteading. The breed is small in size and this makes them be convenient as far as space is a concern. The personality and happiness of the bantam breed make them be popular across the world in recent days. In this series of chicken breeds, you will … Read more

Kickass Facts About Andalusian Chicken Breed

Andalusian Chicken

The andalusian chicken breed is a domestic chicken that has its roots in south-west Spain. It is an old breed from the Mediterranean Sea and it is very beautiful when compared to other breeds.  In this series of chicken breeds, you will explore some information about the history and origin of the bird, physical characteristics … Read more

Irresistible Facts About Wyandotte Chickens

Gold laced Wyandotte Chickens

Wyandotte chickens are the oldest breeds in the United States of America. The breed of chicken is named after the Wyandot people in North America. The bird is the most beautiful in the chicken breeds and it is also courageous. Many homesteaders in America love the breed since they are most reliable in producing both … Read more

Thrilling Information About Golden Comet Chicken

golden comet chicken

Are you thinking of adding golden comet chicken to your backyard? Well, there are a lot of things to put into consideration before purchasing new chicks for your lifestyle. The most common question you need to ask yourself is that is the chicken meant for egg production or meat production? Then what exactly type of … Read more

Untapped Information About Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani chicken breed is the most unique breed on the planet earth. The striking black appearance makes it stand out in a crowd of flocks in the backyard. The breed of the chicken has received a lot of positive talks from the poultry keepers across the world especially about its appearance and the quality … Read more