Everything about Campine Chicken Breed(Plus Interesting Facts)

campine chicken

Campine chicken is the oldest breed of chicken in Belgium and it was typically reared because they are great layers. Their general appearance and body posture is quite amazing. This is the breed of chicken that you can never afford to miss keeping in your backyard. I personally have the chicken and I love them … Read more

All About Buckeye Chicken Breed

Buckeye Chicken

Buckeye chicken breed is a modern heritage chicken breed that looks appealing and gorgeous from the outward appearance. The breed is typically a dual purpose and it is the best breed to keep among your flocks. In this post, you will get to learn more about the history and origin of Buckeye breed, physical characteristics … Read more

All You Need to Know About Dominique Chicken

dominique chicken

Dominique chicken is also known as pilgrim fowl or dominicker. It is the first chicken breed to be developed in the United States during colonization. The chicken breed is known to preserve the American heritage and this is the reason why the breed is rapidly growing across all the states. The main intention of developing … Read more

All About Brahma Chicken Breed

brahma chicken breed

Brahma chicken breed is considered to be the large breed in the United States of America. The majestic breed was developed just before the invention of cross-breeding was still unknown. I have been receiving a lot of questions from the prospective keepers about the best chicken breed to rear in the backyard. For me, Brahma … Read more

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken Breed Information

blue laced red wyandotte chicken

Blue laced red Wyandotte chicken is the prettiest breed of Wyandotte’s chickens. I have raised blue laced red Wyandotte for ten years now and they are still my favorite bird in my backyard. The breed is relatively new in the United States of America but few poultry keepers are still importing them from their place … Read more

Black Star Chicken Breed Information And Breeding

black star chicken

It is fun and rewarding raising your own black star chicken. This is the breed that is the best choice for prospective chicken keepers in the urban setting. This breed of chicken is also known as Black Sex-Link. This is because it is developed from cross-breeding between different types of chickens. In this post, you … Read more

Everything About Black Copper Marans Chicken

black copper marans chicken

Black Copper Marans chicken are the most beautiful breed of chickens in town. The beauty of the birds even spread to the eggs. The breed of birds has a huge history although they are somehow near to distinction in the place of their origin. In this post, you will explore more about the history and … Read more

All About Belgian D’Uccle Chicken Breed

belgian d’uccle chicken

There are so many breeds of chicken in the market but I would prefer to keep Belgian d’uccle chicken. These are amazing birds to keep in your backyard and they are ever friendly to the owners. In this series of the chicken breed, you will explore a lot of information about the history and origin … Read more

What to Know About Dorking Chicken Breeds

dorking chicken

Dorking chicken breeds are the best chicken to keep in your backyard since they are calm and friendly to other flocks and even the owner. These ancient chicken breeds have the reputation of being the most productive as compared to the other breeds across the world. In this series of breeds of chicken, you will … Read more

Everything About Sultan Chicken Breeds

sultan chicken

Old is gold. Sultan chicken is breed is the oldest breed of chicken in Turkey. The breed has become popular across the world because of its ornamental purposes. The world’s most popular chicken hobbyists love rearing this breed of chicken for the exhibition. Appealing physical outlook makes the breed of chicken stunning when compared to … Read more