American Game Chicken Breed Information

american game chicken

American game chicken portrays the original appearance of chickens before cross-breeding and hybrid breeds of chickens were developed. The American breed of game fowl was explicitly meant for cockfighting some years back, but today the American gamefowl society is against the cultural activity. The article provides detailed information about the history, origin, characteristics, pros, cons, … Read more

Explosive Information About Chantecler Chicken

chantecler chicken

What does Chantecler mean? How many eggs do Chantecler chickens lay? These are some of the common questions people ask about when they hear about white or buff chantecler chicken breeds. Well, chantecler breeds are great since they have distinctive features that help them to stand out from other breeds of chicken across the world. … Read more

Charming Information About Cochin Chicken

cochin chicken

Cochin chicken breed is eye-catching and extra sweet. The bird has the reputation of seducing new folks into poultry keeping for a long period of time. I have been a victim for a long time for the seduction and this prompted me to bring them into my backyard. I always find myself clued and attracted … Read more

Apocalypse Facts About Cornish Chicken

cornish chicken

There is nothing good as raising your own chickens for meat in your homestead. You are able to know what your birds are fed. Cornish chicken is the greatest breed of all. The dazzling colors of the bird make the stunning when compared to others in your yard. This breed of chicken can make your … Read more

Mind-Blowing Facts About Crevecoeur Chicken

crevecoeur chicken

Crevecoeur chicken is a rare species of chickens that are still in existence. A lot of people still do not have a clue about these types of chickens. These chicken breeds still remain the most stunning breeds among others in the world and I have personally tasted them from the few chicks I got from … Read more

No Bullshit Facts About Cubalaya Chicken Breed

Cubalaya Chicken

Cubalaya chicken breed is the most common but rare breed of domestic chicken in Cuba. The breed is the most gorgeous and popular for the exhibition. It also has some of the amazing features ever. The domestic chicken is a multi-purpose breed that every poultry keeper has the desire to have them in their backyard. … Read more

Badass Facts About Delaware Chicken

Delaware Chicken

Delaware chicken is a new breed that is fast-growing and spreading across the world rapidly. The breed of chicken was popularly known for meat only until the late 1940s when things turn around. As some years continued to move after the 1940s, the breed almost became extinct but thanks to few individuals farmers who were … Read more

Interesting Facts about Cream Legbar Chicken

Cream Legbar Chicken

Cream legbar chicken is a world wonder heritage. Every poultry keeper around the world is having the desire to keep the breed of chickens in their backyard. Cream legbar is the world’s most auto-sexing chicken breed that is tossing the mind of the chicken hobbyist on the ocean in recent days. In this post, we … Read more

Everything about Derbyshire Redcap Chicken Breed

derbyshire redcap

Derbyshire redcap is an old English pheasant fowl that is known to have occurred initially in Derbyshire. The redcap indicates that the breed has a large red-comb. This is an interesting breed that looks amazing and attractive as far as the general outlook is a concern. It is also known as Coral. There is a … Read more

Interesting Facts About Catalana Chicken

catalana chicken

Catalana chicken breed is highly popular in South America and Spain. These are great breeds of chicken that were discovered in the mid-19th century. This is a dual-purpose breed that every chicken hobbyist has the desire to keep them in their backyard. The amazing looks and appearance make them also suitable for ornamental purposes. In … Read more