Holstein Friesian Cow: Characteristics and Breed Information

holstein friesian cow

Holstein Friesian cow is among the top prominent cattle breeds in the United States of America. The Holstein Friesian cattle characteristics make them distinctive from other kinds. About 90% of dairy farms in the US have this kind of breeds. The Holstein Friesian cattle milk production is of high quality and very nutritious. In this … Read more

Brown Swiss Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

brown swiss cow

The brown Swiss cow is a cattle breed that is great for a dairy farming business. It has excellent milk content that is used in the processing of different types of dairy products. The breed of cattle is adorable, and this is the reason its popularity is spreading across the world in recent days. Brown … Read more

Sahiwal Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

sahiwal cow

Sahiwal cow is a popular breed of cattle in India and Pakistan. It is a zebu cattle that is primarily used for milk production. The breed can adapt to any weather climate, and they also tend to be resistant to common cattle diseases. The cattle has now found its way into the international market in … Read more

How to Start Profitable Dairy Farming in USA

dairy farming in usa

To start dairy farming in the USA, you need a lot of money and capital to start a successful dairy farming business. You need to get dairy farming facts right before investing in this kind of business. Failure to understand these facts right then expect to incur losses in the long run. You need to … Read more

Cattle Feed For Calves, Dairy And Beef Cows

cattle feed

You want to start a successful and profitable cattle farming? Well, you need to have a thorough knowledge of cattle feed management and its necessity. The knowledge will help you know ways on how to provide high-quality animal feed for better production, proper growth and good health. In different seasons and stages, cattle eat different … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Adaptaur Cattle

Adaptaur Cattle

Thinking about how to raise foreign cows and bulls on your farm? Have you ever thought of adaptaur cattle breed? It is a great cattle breed for starting a profitable cattle farming business. However, you need to equip yourself with information about the cattle breed before commencing the type of farming business. You will know … Read more

Untapped Information about Abondance Cattle Breed

Abondance cattle

Ever thought of starting profitable dairy farming? Well, you need to be aware of varies of breeds of cattle in the market first. Abondance cattle breed is among the best cattle breeds to think of when starting this type of farming. In this post, you will discover detailed information about the history and origin of … Read more

Detailed Information About Gelbvieh Cattle Breed

gelbvieh cattle

Gelbvieh cattle breed is an amazing animal that every farmer wants to have it on the farm. The stunning appearance and magical purposes make them popular across the world. Do Gelbvieh cattle have horns? Well, this is among many other questions that people intending to start animal farming ask on many forums. Keep it here, … Read more

Everything About Corriente Cattle Breed

corriente cattle

What are Corriente cattle used for? Is corriente breed of cattle polled or horned? Well, I know these are some of the common questions tossing your mind on the ocean. Corriente is an excellent breed of cattle known for its multipurpose function. If you intend to start cattle farming business then think about this breed … Read more