Dairy Farming in India: Comprehensive Cheat Guide

Dairy farming in India

Here is the thing: There are many articles and tutorials over the internet that will teach you how to start a profitable dairy farming in India. Most of those blog post will educate you on the mechanics of cattle farming in India, what to do and what not to do. To some extent, most of … Read more

Bradford Cattle: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

bradford cattle

Bradford cattle is the most recognized exotic breed of cattle among commercial animal farmers across the world. The strain of cattle was developed to enhance the consistent production of beef in the market. The disadvantages of Bradford cattle are quite minimal as compared to other exotic breeds meant for commercial meat production. It is the … Read more

Afrikaner Cattle: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Afrikaner cattle

Afrikaner cattle is a genetic gold mine for beef production. The breed of cattle is considered to be suitable for those farmers planning to start a beef farm. The features and production rate of cattle breed has made it be on high demand in so many countries not only in South Africa. In this post, … Read more

Gir Cattle: Origin, Characteristics & Care

gir cattle

Gir cattle breed is famous for milk production in India. The cattle breed is well adapted to the native climate, and this is the reason why it is so prevalent in the country. The breed of cattle has some of the fantastic features that make it distinctive from other kinds of animals like red Sindhi … Read more

Alambadi Cattle: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

alambadi cattle

Alambadi cattle breed is rare in these days. These cattle are mostly reared in the hilly region of modern-day Tamil Nadu in India. The animal was previously kept for draught, but due to advancement in technology, a lot of research has been conducted, and it is now used for milk production. In this post, you … Read more

Red Sindhi Cow: Origin, Characteristics, Pictures & Uses

red sindhi cow

Red Sindhi Cow is one of the most adorable and productive cattle breeds in India. The cattle has some of the most outstanding physical features that make the cow look gorgeous. A lot of farmers in India love the cattle breed since it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The cow is also less susceptible to … Read more

Haryana Cow: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

haryana cow

Haryana cow is a zebu cattle breed, and it has some distinctive features that make them stand apart from other cattle breeds. The cattle are almost in all Asian countries, and it has also found its way to South America as well as Latin America. However, there is still scarce information about the cattle breed … Read more

Brahman Cattle: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

brahman cattle

Brahman cattle are typically a breed of cattle known for beef. The animals are quite popular in South Africa, the United States of American and Australia. The general feature of the cattle makes it look stunning and unusual when compared to other crossbreeds of zebu cattle. In this post, you will discover more information about … Read more

Tharparkar Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Benefits

tharparkar cow

Tharparkar cow is also known as White Sindhi, Cutchi, and Thari. It is one of the top leading cattle breeds in Pakistan and India knew for the production of milk. The cattle breed can survive in regions that are arid or semi-arid, and they also have a good reputation of being a dual-purpose cattle breed. … Read more

Ayrshire Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Uses

Ayrshire Cow

Ayrshire cow is a breed of cattle named after its home country Ayr in southwestern Scotland. The cattle breed is prominent in milk production, and it is regarded as suitable for dairy cattle farming business. The cattle breed has unique breed information as compared to other dairy breeds. The physical features and colors make the … Read more