Cattle Farming

red sindhi cow

Red Sindhi Cow: Origin, Characteristics, Pictures & Uses

Red Sindhi Cow is one of the most adorable and productive cattle breeds in India. The cattle has some of the most...
haryana cow

Haryana Cow: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Haryana cow is a zebu cattle breed, and it has some distinctive features that make them stand apart from other cattle breeds.
brahman cattle

Brahman Cattle: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Brahman cattle are typically a breed of cattle known for beef. The animals are quite popular in South Africa, the United States...
tharparkar cow

Tharparkar Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Benefits

Tharparkar cow is also known as White Sindhi, Cutchi, and Thari. It is one of the top leading cattle breeds in Pakistan...
Ayrshire Cow

Ayrshire Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Uses

Ayrshire cow is a breed of cattle named after its home country Ayr in southwestern Scotland. The cattle breed is prominent in...
holstein friesian cow

Holstein Friesian Cow: Characteristics and Breed Information

Holstein Friesian cow is among the top prominent cattle breeds in the United States of America. The Holstein Friesian cattle characteristics make...
brown swiss cow

Brown Swiss Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

The brown Swiss cow is a cattle breed that is great for a dairy farming business. It has excellent milk content that...
sahiwal cow

Sahiwal Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

Sahiwal cow is a popular breed of cattle in India and Pakistan. It is a zebu cattle that is primarily used for...
dairy farming in usa

How to Start Profitable Dairy Farming in USA

To start dairy farming in the USA, you need a lot of money and capital to start a successful dairy farming business.
cattle feed

Cattle feed for Calves, Dairy and Beef Cows

You want to start a successful and profitable cattle farming? Well, you need to have a thorough knowledge of cattle feed management...