Interesting Facts About Catalana Chicken

Catalana chicken breed is highly popular in South America and Spain. These are great breeds of chicken that were discovered in the mid-19th century.

This is a dual-purpose breed that every chicken hobbyist has the desire to keep them in their backyard. The amazing looks and appearance make them also suitable for ornamental purposes.

In this series of chicken breeds, you will discover more information about the history and origin of Catalana chicken, physical characteristics and reasons why they are popular in South America, Argentina, and Spain.

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History and Origin of Catalana Chicken

Catalana chickens are also known as buff Catalana chicken or Catalana Del Prat Leonada. The name of the breed was derived from the location of its development.

The research shows that the breed was developed in Catalonia district which is a district near Barcelona in Spain.  The history states that it was developed at about the mid of 19th century.

The breed was brought about through crossbreeding between Castilian chickens and Cochin chickens. The breeding was to improve the quality of meat and egg production to the poultry keepers.

In the year 1902, the breed of chicken was introduced to other countries since Spain was highly accessible through the sea during those years. During that time getting Catalana chicken for sale was quite easy.

In 1949, the chicken breed was accepted on the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection and this was the reason why the breed started to become popular across the world.

Many poultry fanciers around the world love the breed since it is a dual-purpose breed that is known for producing a high number of eggs for commercial purposes.

Characteristics of Catalana Breed

Size and Weight

Catalan breeds are medium to large size breeds. The standard male chicken weighs about 3.2-3.7 kg and the hens weigh about 2.3-2.7 kg. The rooster bantam variety weighs 910 g and the hens 795 g.

Temperament and Behavior

These great breeds have the ability to tolerate confinement and you should also note that they are great flyers. The roosters prefer to stay on top of high places while the chickens make a lot of noise in the backyard.

Egg Production

Catalana chickens are typically raised due to the high production of quality meat and eggs. The poultry breed is suitable for those chicken hobbyist who loves dual-purpose breeds. The eggshells are either pink or white in color. It can lay about 200-300 eggs per year.

Ideal Climate

The breed of chicken is tough and hardy. It can survive in both warm and cold climate. The robust feature is the reason why they are growing rapidly across the world.


The chickens have white earlobes, large red comb, reddish bay eyes, bluish slate sinks, and light horn colored beaks. These are the features that are making the breed excellent to keep them in your yard.

Reasons Why Catalana Chicken Loved All Over

Very Active

The breed of chickens is very active and this behavior enables them to alert other flocks about the impending dangers in the backyard. This is the reason why so many people love them since they act as a bell in the yard.


The plumage arrangement and general body features make the breed to look stunning when compared to the other breeds of birds in the year. If you want to improve the general outlook of your flocks in the yard then this is the right breed for you.

Great Layers

Catalana is great layers. The crossbreeding during its development help to improve the quality of meat production as well as egg production. This is the reason behind the popularity of the chicken breed as there is a growing number of egg lovers across the world.

Hardy and Tough

The chicken got the breed from tough and robust birds. These genes enable them to have the ability to withstand both cold and warm climates. You can rear the breed regardless of the weather climate in your region.

Health Issues of Catalana Breeds

The only problem that may affect the health condition of the birds is a cold climate and this is the reason why you need to build good housing and shelter for them.

You are also expected to apply Vaseline on the comb in order to prevent them from frostbites. The good news is that the breed is very strong and tough.

Ensure you also check the dense feathers in case of parasites like lice or mites infestations. This will help to keep them at bay.


Catalana chickens are good for those breeders who want chickens for dual purposes. They have the reputation of producing top-quality meat along with a high number of eggs per year.

In case you have the Catalana breed of chicken on your farm, we would like to hear more stories about them. Kindly share it in the comment box below.

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