Everything about Campine Chicken Breed(Plus Interesting Facts)

Campine chicken is the oldest breed of chicken in Belgium and it was typically reared because they are great layers. Their general appearance and body posture is quite amazing.

This is the breed of chicken that you can never afford to miss keeping in your backyard. I personally have the chicken and I love them too much oooh.

In this series of breeds of chicken, you will discover information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are loved by many people across the world.

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History and Origin of Campine

Campine breed of chicken was originated from Antwerp which is the northern part of Belgium. The region is close to the borders of the Netherlands and this implies that there are quite a number of breeds that lead to the creation of the breed.

The breed of chicken was originally known as village chickens but due to the number of crossbreeding by British, it results in the modern campine breed.

The chickens were kept mainly for egg production purposes and they have a reputation of laying the whitest gorgeous eggs on the earth.

In 1914, the breed of chicken was added to the American Poultry Association standards after attaining the perfect breed. There is also a bantam variety of chicken from the breed.

Characteristics of Campine

Size and Weight

This is the smallest breed of chicken and they occur in different varieties which implies that they can either be silver or golden. The cocks weigh about 2.7kg and the hens weigh about 2.3kg.


The birds are very active and hardy. The active behavior makes them be alert and this is what makes them be good mothers since they have the ability to protect their chicks. They are also not flighty hence they can tolerate confinement.

Egg Production

The eggs produced by the chickens are white and medium size. The chicken is a great egg producer and it can give you about 200-300 eggs per year.

Idea Climate

The chicken is very strong and hardy. It can survive in both cold and warm kinds of weather. This is what makes the breed to be ideal in different weather climates.

Reasons Why Campine are Popular

Very Beautiful

The plumage arrangement and colors of the feathers make the breed of chicken the most beautiful among the breeds of chicken on earth. The silver or golden coloring happens to be the reason why they are popular on earth.

Occupy Less Space

The chicken is small in size and this makes it easy to house them easily. You do not need to have a large space in order to rear the breed in your yard.

Good Mothers

The birds are very active and ever alert. This gives them the ability to alert the chicks and other flocks in case of invasion by predators. The hens are great foragers thus they are able to feed the chicks with ease.

Less Costly

The breed of chickens are great foragers and this implies that they can feed on naturally occurring foods. They tend to consume less of artificial feeds supply to them thus making them affordable.

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Health Issues of Campine Breed

Campine is robust breeds of chicken. They are hardy even during the winter season. There is no health problem so far reported about them.

Check the dense feathers on a regular basis in order to keep away parasites like lice or mites. Use recommended pest control sprays.


Campine chickens are beautiful flocks to keep in your yard. The small size bodies make them suitable for developing small housing and shelters.

Are you searching for friendly and hardy breeds of chicken? Well, campine breeds are the best choice for you since they are easy to tame and manage.

In case you already have these chickens in your yard, kindly share with us the stories about them in the comments below.

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