Call Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

Call duck is a breed of duck that belongs to the bantam class, and they are typically raised as pets or for decoration.

The birds are smaller in size when compared to other breeds of ducks, but they tend to have similar characteristics.

In the past, the ducks were used for hunting where they call and quack to attract the wild ducks so that the hunter can have an easy time catching them.

Due to advancement in technology, the practice of hunting no longer exist since many duck breeders have opted for an artificial duck call.

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In this post, you will explore information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics, purpose and common health issues affecting the kind.

History & Origin of Call Duck

Although the exact origin of the duck breed is still unknown, the history records show that it was first mentioned in Netherland where it was first kept as a decoy or coy duck.

The ducks have high pitched call sounds, and this is the feature that many hunters used to hunt wild ducks in the Far East regions. It is the region that is believed to be the original homeland of the ducks, but there are no proofs.

The advancement in technology has seen the breed of duck being introduced in the British Isles in the year 1850. These are among the first waterfowl birds to be domesticated in the region.

In the mid-20th century, the breed of ducks started becoming scarce making them be listed in the American livestock conservancy.

The duck breed occurs in different varieties such as gray and white. They were first admitted in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection at around 1874.

In the United States of America, the use of duck calls for hunting wild ducks has been banned permanently and anyone found is susceptible to being a sentence in jail.

The duck calls are mainly being breed for decoration and also as pets. They are adorable birds to be kept as pets due to their stunning appearance and colors of the feathers. 

Call Duck Characteristics

Size and Weight

The birds have a small body and a short bill. They have almost the same appearance as Mallard ducks, but they are smaller in format.

The average weight of a female duck ranges between 0.45kg to 0.6kg while drakes weigh about 0.55 to 0.7 kg. They are not suitable for commercial meat production.

Behavior and Temperament

Are ducks loud? The ducks are talkative and lively. They tend to be very noisy, and you can hear their call from a long distance. Are call ducks friendly? Keep reading here to know.

They are calm in temperament. You can easily tame them while still young otherwise some may grow up being aggressive.

Varieties of the Breed

The ducks occur in different types of colors. Some of the standard domestic duck call colors are white, silver, mallard, blue fawn, black, dark silver, apricot, pied, bibbed, and magpie.

Cleanliness of the ducks

The birds are ever clean and tidy. If you provide an adequate amount of food and swimming water, they are likely to stay in good condition.

The lifespan of Duck Call

How long do call ducks live? Well, they can live for a long time that is approximately about 4 to 8 years. If they are taken good care, they are likely to live up to 12 years.

Climate Tolerance

The good thing about the breed is that they can survive in all types of weather climate without facing any challenges.

Flying Ability

Do call ducks fly? Although they belong to bantam breeds of duck, these ducks have an average flying ability. The feature implies that they can easily be tamed and make them move around the compound.

Purpose of the Breed

These ducks are used for ornamental purposes. Are call ducks good pets? Yes. They can also be raised as pets and also for exhibition due to their adorable colors.

The female ducks are average layers, and they have the reputation of laying about 50 to 150 eggs per year. They can also be good mothers to their offspring.

The eggs are usually small in size and also white. The eggs tend to weigh less than 50 grams. Therefore, the general productivity level of the duck breed is low.

Health Issues of the Breed

The ducks are rarely affected by the common poultry diseases, but it is recommended to regularly check their feathers for the presence of pests like mites or fleas.

Also, vaccinate the ducks on a timely date and consider seeking help from a professional veterinarian in case of some weird symptoms.

Provide nutritious feeds and adequate clean water for your ducks so that they stay healthy for an extended period.

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Pictures of Call Duck Breed

The image below will help you outline some of the characteristics that are not mentioned above. You will get to know the exact physical features and how they look like in real life.

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