All About Buckeye Chicken Breed

Buckeye chicken breed is a modern heritage chicken breed that looks appealing and gorgeous from the outward appearance. The breed is typically a dual purpose and it is the best breed to keep among your flocks.

In this post, you will get to learn more about the history and origin of Buckeye breed, physical characteristics and reasons why so many folks in America love it.

Buckeye Chicken Breed Information

Buckeye breed originated in the U.S in a state known as Ohio. This is a standard breed of chicken that is legally known by the American Poultry Association. The breed was created in the 19th century by a woman.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the breed became an endangered species but thanks to the livestock conservancy that came in the right time to save the breed from extinction.

Buckeye is a nickname of Ohio and this defines the origin of the name for the breed of chicken. The chicken has some amazing eyes that resemble the seed of Ohio buckeye plant.

The breed has a strong history and this is the reason why I decided to keep it in my backyard coop in order to maintain the heritage of Americans.

Characteristics of Buckeye Chicken

Size and Weight

The male Buckeye chicken weighs about 4.1kg and the female Buckeye chicken weighs about 2.9kg. The size of the breed is generally large and this is the reason why they are also good for meat apart from the provision of eggs.

Eggs Production

Although Buckeye hens are not good layers they produce quite a good number of eggs like 150-200 eggs per year. The research shows that this breed lays more eggs during winter period than the summer period. 

The hens usually go broody after some time and they can hatch healthy chicks for you to maintain the special heritage of Americans. However, you need good incubators that will ensure there is a 100% successful hatching result.

Ideal Climate

The breed of chicken contains some strain of different genes that make them be robust chickens in the backyard. They are known to be hardy and they can withstand any weather change without facing any difficulties.

Temperament and Behavior

The breed is excellent foragers and very active. They have the ability to tolerate confinement but only if it has adequate space.

They are unflappable and calm breeds of birds ever. They are also very friendly to the owner and even the other flocks. You can easily manage and handle them regardless of their number in your backyard coop.

Reasons to Love Buckeye Chicken

Very Beautiful

Buckeye breed is good looking with mahogany red eyes and the black stripped tails make it stunning while in other flocks. Despite the body size and weight, Buckeye can be a good pet in the house.

Robust chickens

Buckeye breed of chicken contains strains of different genes that make it hardy in different weather conditions. These genes from the parent breed also give them the ability not to be affected by any poultry diseases.

Dual Purpose Breed

The chickens this breed are generally large and fleshy. This makes them be suitable for meat and from my experience, the meat is so delicious. Although the hens are not good layers they can give you a good number of eggs per month.

Great Mouse Hunters

Are you tired of mice in your backyard? Well, it is high time to introduce a buckeye breed of chicken in your backyard. They will help to chase away any type of rodent intruding your backyard and house.

Health Issues and Special Needs

Buckeye breeds of chicken are the best to keep at home since they are the most beautiful birds on earth with its origin in the U.S. The breed is robust and hardy hence cannot easily be attacked by poultry diseases regardless of weather changes.

It is the best breed to keep since it is less costly to maintain in terms of health and feeding process. I have personally tried keeping them at my backyard and I can confirm they really fall sick or attacked by viral chicken diseases.


Buckeye breed is the best chicken breed for any poultry keeper especially if they are in need of a dual purpose breed. The breed can also bear with confinement and they are also great foragers. If you are also living in a cold climate then this is the best choice for you.

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