Brown Swiss Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

The brown Swiss cow is a cattle breed that is great for a dairy farming business. It has excellent milk content that is used in the processing of different types of dairy products.

The breed of cattle is adorable, and this is the reason its popularity is spreading across the world in recent days. Brown Swiss cows have a significant impact on the economy as far as milk production is a concern.

In this post, you will explore information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and the use of the kind.

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History and Origin of Brown Swiss Cow

Brown Swiss cattle originated from the North-Eastern part of Switzerland. The cattle breed was first bred in areas with a harsh climate, and this is the reason why they are resistant to heat, cold and many other common cattle diseases.

Advancement in technology has resulted in improving the breed of cattle. The improve cattle breed has found its way into other places like Michigan, New York, Lucerne and many others due to exportation.

Brown Swiss cattle is also among the oldest breeds of animals in the United States, and it found in the most significant number in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio. Brown Swiss cow negatives are minimal, and this is the reason behind their popularity.

Brown Swiss Cow Physical Characteristics

Size and Weight

The cows are typically large. The brown Swiss cow height is noticeable. The average weight of the cow is about 900-1200 kg while that of the ox is about 650-700 kg. The calf has an average born weight of about 45-48 kg.

Behavior and Temperament

The cattle breed is typically docile and friendly. They can easily be tamed by any person intending to start a dairy farming business in the USA. Note that Brown Swiss cattle are very calm and quiet.

Body Shape and Coat Color

They have a triangular body shape. The cow has several shades such as red, yellow or blackish body colors. The color of the tongue and the tail is black.

Maturity and Reproduction Rate

The animals tend to have both low maturity and reproduction rate. They are not suitable for commercial production practices.

Climate Tolerance

The cattle breed can survive in harsh climate conditions with ease. They have a unique body system that can adjust to heat and cold-weather climate.

Purpose of the Breed

Brown Swiss cattle are typically bred for milk production. The cow can produce about 12000 kg of milk per year. The milk has approximately 4% fat content.

Do you intend to start a dairy farming business? You should opt for this breed of cattle. The brown Swiss cow price is quite affordable. Visit any farm near you for brown Swiss cow for sale.

Picture of the Brown Swiss Cattle

The image will help you with the differences between brown Swiss vs. jersey. Study the image to get finer details about the cattle breed. The big sized head is the main feature that makes the cattle to stand out from other kinds.

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