Shocking Information About Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

Broad-breasted bronze turkey is the most popular breed among many American families and even the poultry hobbyist.

The love for the table fowl is beyond measure and incomparable. The adorable breed shows affectionate love to the owner and even the pets in the homestead.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of scant information about them all over the internet despite their popularity across Europe.

In this post, you will get to explore detail information about their history and origin, physical characteristics and even some of the common poultry diseases linked to them.

History and Origin of Broad Breast Turkey

The breed of turkey originated from the cross between the domestic turkeys and the eastern wild turkeys. Most of the domestic turkeys were brought in America by European colonialists.

The hybrid bird brought about by crossbreeding resulted in a more developed and large breed of turkey that was suitable for the pot.

These birds were very clammed as compared to the wild turkeys and this made it easy for taming. The copper or bronze metallic color happens to be the reason behind their naming.

The breed of turkey was discovered in the 1700s but they came into the market at around 1830s. In 1874, the breed of turkey was accepted and admitted into the American Poultry Association.

Further research and cross-breeding were done where the broad breast turkey was crossed with other large breeds of turkey. The process resulted in a breed that matures faster and was large in size to meet the high demand for turkey meat in the United States.

Today, the breed is regarded as the best commercial variety as they have a faster growth rate and maturity rate. It has also been used to promote seasonal small scale production.

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Characteristics of Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

Size and Weight

The fowls are large in size as compared to other breeds. The average weight for the toms is 38 pounds while that of the hen is about 29 pounds. They have thick and fleshy shanks suitable for the pot.

Behavior and Temperament

The breed is very calm and sociable. They tend to mingle with other flocks in the yard without bullying them and show affection to the owner. It is a nice breed of turkey to keep in the homestead despite having pets and other flocks.

Climate Tolerance

The birds have strains of wild game turkey genes that make them be hardy and strong. These features give them the ability to adapt to different weather climates. They can survive in both cold and warm weather.

Growth Rate

The hybrid vigor birds have a faster maturity rate and they tend to be ready between 16-22weeks after hatching. This is what makes them suitable for commercial meat production choice.

Production Rate

The fowls have a faster maturity rate and they tend to have thick as well as fleshy shanks. These physical features make them have a lot of weight and the reason behind being used for commercial meat production.

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Common Health Information

The wild game turkey genes found in the breed make them be robust and hardy. These genes make them be less susceptible to common poultry diseases.

However, it is recommended to bring on board a professional vet to vaccinate them in order to prevent any potential diseases from attacking them.

You are also supposed to monitor their dense plumage on a regular basis in order to check any signs of parasite infestation. Spray them in case you notice lice or parasites immediately.


Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys grow very fast as mentioned earlier and they tend to produce an ample amount of quality meat. The general appearance of the birds is so astonishing and it is a breed you cannot afford to miss keeping them on your farm.

Do you have broad-breasted bronze turkeys in your homestead? We would love to hear more of their stories. Feel free to comment in the form below about their stories and we will highly appreciate it.

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