All About Brahma Chicken Breed

Brahma chicken breed is considered to be the large breed in the United States of America. The majestic breed was developed just before the invention of cross-breeding was still unknown.

I have been receiving a lot of questions from the prospective keepers about the best chicken breed to rear in the backyard. For me, Brahma breed of chicken is the best and it is my all-time favorite.

In this article, you will discover more information about the origin and history of Brahma chickens, physical characteristics and the reason why the breed is so popular across the globe.

Brahma Chicken Breed Information

Brahma chicken has Asiatic breed origin. The breed was first developed in the united states of American before being imported to China.

The breed of chicken was kept in the united stated of America for meat purpose only. This was before crossbreeding began. It is now known as a dual purpose breed.

There is still a lot of arguments about the origin of the breed due to several cross breeding test that took place before the hybrid was developed fully.

After the importation to China, it was then named as Shanghai bird. It was then cross breed with Chittagong chickens from Bangladesh so that it can result in pure Brahma breed that it easy to differentiate the breed from the cochi chicken breed.

Characteristics of Brahma Chicken Breed


Brahma breeds are very docile chicken and they are ever friendly to the other flocks in the backyard. They are calm and less flightily thus best breed for confinement, especially in urban or suburban areas. 

Size and weight

The breed of birds are known to be large in size and this gives them the ability to cover all eggs during brooding. The roosters are larger in size when compared to female counterparts.

Production Rate

The breed lay medium to large size brown egg color. The birds are goods layers, unfortunately, they take about six to seven months before starting to lay eggs.

However, the birds are typically kept for both eggs and meat purposes but only a few folks know about this.


The feathers of these breeds are grouped into light, dark and buff. The structure of feather appearance is so unique and you cannot afford to get confused about them.

The light Brahma breeds have whitish and gray undertones. The hens have to heckle feathers with stripping black to the saddle and black tail.

The dark Brahma male chicken has silver heckles and stripped black saddle while the female counterparts are black with white laced.

Buff pattern breeds have the same appearance as light Brahma but the warm coloration make the buff Brahma favorite for many poultry keepers.

Reasons to Love Brahma Chicken Breed

Calm and Docile

The breed of bird can be kept as a pet since it is ever calm and docile. They are quite friendly to other flocks in the backyard but after brooding the hen tend to peck others as a way of protecting the chicks.

Pretty Good Layers

A lot of folks loves eggs across the world. In case you are in need of sufficient eggs to carter for your desire and hungry for eggs then this is the best choice for you.

Bears Confinement Well

The calmness of the birds makes them tolerate confinement since they do not fly as other birds do on the fence. You only need to provide a big room to carter for their size.

High Meat Production

The breed of birds has the reputation of producing the most delicious and tasty meat as compared to the other breeds. The bird is ever thick and fleshy.

Summer and Winter Hardy

This robust bird can survive in any weather condition without being affected by chicken diseases. If you are in need of a tough and hard breed then Brahma chicken breed is the best for you.

Health Issues and Special Needs

During the cold spell, the feet of the breed can be cold due to the low temperatures making them susceptible to frostbite.

You will also be expected to take off the toes of the birds in case they are allowed out during snow and wet weather or else they will become damaged.

You need to keep an eye on the dense feathers since they are highly susceptible to lice or mites. Inspect even their legs on a regular basis in order to take early measures.

However, the Brahma breed is the most robust breed of chickens despite those minor cases mentioned above. They can easily withstand any weather changes without suffering from any health problems.


Brahma breed of chickens is the right breed for any prospective poultry keepers. They are very beautiful in appearance and shape. The breed is ever docile and friendly making them suitable for confinement in case you are located in the urban area.

The breed produces a good number of eggs and the chicks tend to mature fasters since the hens are usually good mothers. These are some of the reasons why I recommend the breed for even beginners.

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