Bradford Cattle: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

Bradford cattle is the most recognized exotic breed of cattle among commercial animal farmers across the world. The strain of cattle was developed to enhance the consistent production of beef in the market.

The disadvantages of Bradford cattle are quite minimal as compared to other exotic breeds meant for commercial meat production. It is the reason why it the most preferred by farmers.

In this post, you will discover the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and the purpose of their development.

History & Origin of Bradford Cattle

The cattle breed was first domesticated in Australia, and this is the reason why it is also known as Australia Braford cattle breed.

The development occurs after a successful crossbreeding between Brahman and Hereford cattle. The first official breeders of the cattle breed were Rea Brothers in 1946.

The Bradford’s calves have strains of Hereford sire and Brahman dam. They tend to be unique from other breeds of cattle in terms of appearance and body shape.

The cattle breed has found its way in South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, and South America. They are reputable for starting a profitable commercial beef farm.

However, Bradford can still be developed through straight-forward crossbreeding between Brahman and Hereford.

Bradford Cattle Characteristics

Size and Weight

The cattle tend to be medium to large size animal. The average weight of the bull is about 1000kg while that of the cow is about 750kg.

Climate Tolerance

The cattle breed are robust and hardy. They can tolerate harsh tropical conditions. Their body tends to be resistant to ticks and heat.

Behavior and Temperament

The breed of cattle is calm and friendly. However, the action of the animals is determined by the way they are brought up. You need to be extra careful when dealing with the bulls since some tend to be aggressive.

Body Shape and Coat Color


The animal has a red body coat with a white head, underbellies, and feet. They also have loose skin, short hump, and some marking similar to that of Hereford Cattle. The other general body appearance looks identical to that of Brahman cattle.

Both the cows and the bulls are polled. The feature makes them look stunning when compared to other cattle breeds.

Maturity and Reproduction Rate

The cattle breeds have a faster maturity rate, and they tend to be highly fertile. The feature implies that you can increase the number of animals on your farm within a short period.

Purpose of the Cattle Breed

The cattle breed do well in the native climate. They are typically known for meat production. The meat is usually of high quality, and it tends to taste sweet.

The cows from the breed produce milk, but the volume is typically low and not suitable for commercial dairy farming.

The meat from the cattle is being imported by many countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Some of the countries that have experienced massive importation of the animal breed are Western Samoa, China, South America, Malaysia, South Africa, and New Guinea.

Bradford Cow Pictures

The image below provides a profile overview of Australian Braford cattle. Use the illustration to identify the best breed for your beef farming business.

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