How To Bottle Feed A Lamb like A Pro

Is an orphan lamb feeding guide suitable for learning how to bottle feed a lamb like a pro? Yes. Sometimes the mother of the lamb can die or she can reject completely to feed the lamb from the teats.

You need to devise ways on how to take care of the baby sheep unless you want to have weak lamb. There are so many ways of feeding the baby sheep according to the lamb feeding chart.

Bottle and bucket feeding lambs are among the ways to adapt in case of such circumstances. Milk is the primary source of nutrients for the lamb.

However, there are so many rules to follow in order to ensure your bottle feed the lamb according to the required standards.

In this post, I got your back covered since I have highlighted a step by step guide on how to bottle feed the lamb like a pro.

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How Long Do I Bottle Feed A Lamb?

Death is an inevitable circumstance not only in humans but also in animals. Most death in animals usually occurs during giving birth just like in human beings.

As a sheep breeder, I recommend you be there while the ewes are giving birth in order to reduce the risks of death to the mother.

In case you have orphan lambs, it is recommended to start weaning them as early as possible. You should bottle feed them until they have an average weight of about 25 to 30 pounds or when they are 30 to 42 days old.

You should note that it is quite important to provide your lamb with colostrum for the first two days.

The milk contains nutrients that foster immunity and general growth. This method is only applicable to the artificial raising of baby sheep.

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How to Bottle Feed A Lamb

Do you want to start bottle feeding your lamb? Well, it is advisable to consult a professional vet when or how to bottle feed a lamb.

The vet will advise you about what your lamb need as well as how to care and manage them. Follow the instruction given in order to foster the growth and development of your lamb.

In case you have an orphan lamb then you will need to find a colostrum replacer for bottle feeding. Colostrum is a kind of milk production by the sheep after giving birth and it contains vital nutrients for the wellbeing of the lamb.

These nutrients also help to protect the lamb against infectious agents since at birth lambs lack antibodies to fight diseases. The milk helps in the development of antibodies that will be used to combat diseases.

During the first 24 hours after birth, the lamb requires about 10 percent of the colostrum milk. In case of death or the mother has rejected the lamb, then you need to purchase the milk immediately before the 24 hours elapses.

When your ewe is pregnant, it is good to have colostrum replacer at hand if you want to raise your lamb since anything can happen.

Note that you will need milk replacer if you want to bottle feed a lamb up to 10 and 13 weeks old. Visit reputable livestock feeds store to purchase both colostrum and milk replacer. Pay attention to the description of the product to ensure it is specifically for the lamb.

You need to prepare the bottle feeder first before feeding your lamb with either colostrum or milk replacer. You can use a rubber nipple to feed your lamb with about 8 ounces of milk replacer easily.

In the case of colostrum replacer, provide about 10 percent of the lamb’s weight in colostrum and bottle feed the lamb within 24 hours. It is quite better to feed the lamb every 2 hours in case of a colostrum replacer.

You can use your own formula to feed your lamb when using a milk replacer. Remember to sterilize the nipple and bottles on a daily basis before feeding the lamb. The routine will help you start a profitable sheep farming in the USA.

The following are the ultimate step by step guide on how to bottle feed a lamb-like an expert. They include:

Follow a Feeding Schedule

Create a feeding schedule for your lambs depending on their age and size. Follow the schedule religious like a new bible.

Ensure the lamb gets colostrum in the first 24 hours after birth. It is recommended to feed the lamb every 2 hours so that they can have a great life.

After the initial stage, increase the amount to 140 ml for every four hours and later increase it to 200 ml for every six hours. Always remember to heat the milk replacer and increase the amount after every two weeks.

Age (Days)

Total Feed Per Day (Liters)

Schedule per Day



Base on Guidelines



4 times per split



3 times per split



2 times per split

Feeding the Lamb

Feed your lamb once the milk is measured and prepared. To bottle-feed, a lamb, lift the head up and let it feed. You should feed the lamb while it is standing.

Do not cuddle or hold the lamb while feeding since the milk can clot in the lungs and result in a complication.

The lamb will automatically suckle the bottle nipple. Press the bottle nipple into the mouth of the lamb in case it does not suckle.

Offer Water & Food

After the first two weeks, provide fresh clean water, green grass, and hay along with bottle feeding to your lamb. Allow the lamb to drink water and eat according to the demand. Do not limit the feeds.

If the lamb is strong enough then allow it to graze around but does not include them with other flocks in the yard. Allow them to mingle with flocks of the same size so that they can learn how to socialize.

Increase the Amount of Milk

Increase the amount of milk feed to the lamb after every two weeks. For example, in the second week feed them with 500ml of milk replacer about four times a day and then in the fourth week with 700 ml three times a day.

Note that you should start decreasing the amount of milk replacer between the fifth and sixth week since the lamb was born.

Weaning the Lamb

Start weaning the lamb by the 13th week. Then slowly transition this with a diet of hay, grass and other feeds along with water.

Feed your lamb with foods that contain at least 16-18 percent crude protein. Lamb alfalfa hay should be kept away during weaning.

Alfalfa increases the chances of bloat development which is a condition in animals that result in the formation of excess gas in the stomach causing a lot of discomforts.

Tips for Bottle Feeding a Lamb

The following are proven tips on how to bottle feed a lamb like a pro. They include:

  • Feed your lamb at intervals that mimic the normal feeding behavior of the sheep.
  • Follow the feeding schedule chart religiously
  • Mix in electrolyte supplements with water and feed separately from milk feed
  • Consult your vet in case the lamb develop some complications
  • Caring baby lambs require time and patience.


Raising a lamb requires an individual who pays a lot of attention and is keen to follow every step that are required. Being a successful sheep breeder is a journey and every journey starts with a single step. Follow the above steps and learn how to bottle feed your lambs like a pro. Cheers and Good luck.

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