Berkshire Pig Breed: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Berkshire pig breed is a domestic swine that is considered to be a highly endangered species, and this is the reason why there is scant information about them.

The article provides information concerning the history, origin, characteristics, and the reasons why it is loved by many swine breeders across the world.

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History & Origin of Berkshire Pig Breed

The historical records show that the domestic swine originated from the Berkshire County of the United Kingdom.

The research from our experts’ shows that the pig breed is among the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the United Kingdom counties such as Aldenham Country Park and Hertfordshire.

The domestic pig breed is even maintained by the South of England Rare Breeds Centre in Kent to conserve a good number of them for the future generation.

Some of the purebreds of the pig breed are also being kept in New Zealand and Australia. Other places in the world where Berkshire pigs are breeds include Kagoshima Prefecture and the United States.

The pig breed is highly recognized by the American Berkshire Association, which was established in 1875 to create more room for the importation of the pigs.

Berkshire Pig Breed Characteristics

Size and Weight

Berkshire swine are medium to large breed size. The enormous body size makes them suitable for meat production. The average weight of a mature Berkshire pig is about 270kg.

Behavior & Temperament

The swine has an excellent disposition. They are friendly and curious pig breeds. The pigs are known to tolerate confinement, but they can also be great for free-range breeding.

Climate Tolerance

The pig breed is hardy and robust. They can tolerate different weather climates with easy. It is the reason why they are found all over the world.

Productivity Rate

The pigs have good mothering ability, and they tend to produce adequate milk for the piglets. They have productivity traits if they are breed outdoor. Also, they provide a large amount of meat for commercial purposes.

Skin Coat Color

The skin of the pig is pink, but it has black and white spots (on legs, face, and tail). The dark-colored skin help to reduce sunburns.

Maturity Rate

Berkshire pig is relatively a faster grower, and they tend to attain maturity at the age of 180 to 195 days after birth. The swine are usually ready for the market when they achieve 113kg.

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Use of the Pig Breed

The faster maturity and productivity rate make them suitable for commercial production of meat. The meat is usually of high quality, and it also has some natural flavors that are mouthwatering.

Reasons to Love Berkshire Pigs

The Berkshire pig pros and cons are numerous. However, the advantages of the pig usually overwhelm the cons. Here are some of the reasons why Berkshire pigs are highly loved by breeders.

  • The pigs provide the right heritage pork
  • Have the best genetic purity that results in purebreds
  • Have international recognition
  • Continued superiority
  • Stockmanship and animal welfare
  • Provide quality meat
  • Traceability and inspection

Berkshire Pig Profile Breed

Breed NameTuropolje
Other NameCroatian: Turopoljska svinja
Breed SizeSmall to medium
WeightBoars Around 220 kg
Sows Around 170 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorBlack spots on a grey or white skin
Place of OriginCroatia

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