All About Belgian D’Uccle Chicken Breed

There are so many breeds of chicken in the market but I would prefer to keep Belgian d’uccle chicken. These are amazing birds to keep in your backyard and they are ever friendly to the owners.

In this series of the chicken breed, you will explore a lot of information about the history and origin of belgian d’uccle, physical characteristics and the reason why they are loved by many people across the world.

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History and Origin of Belgian D’Uccle Chicken

The bird originated from Uccle town which is the outskirt of Brussels city of Belgium. The breed was discovered by Michael Van Gelder in the early 20th century.

The breeding of the bird was brought about by mixing various landrace breeds genes from Germany and England. The hybrid breed obtained in form of Barbu D’Uccle was outstanding.

The breed was then added to standard perfection of the American Poultry association in 1914 and this has been the reason behind the widespread of the breed all over the world.

Characteristics of Belgian D’Uccle Chicken

Size and Weight

The standard weight for hens ranges between 680 and 790 g while those of cock ranges between 790 and 910 g. The weight variations take into account the age and maturity rate.


These are birds are very talkative and cheerful. The roosters crow at a very high pitch when compared to other roosters from different breeds and they also tend to make a lot of noise while in the backyard.

Both the hens and roosters are good flyers thus are not good for confinement. The breed of chicken is very aggressive and they might injure other docile flocks in the backyard coop.

Production Rate

They are not good layers though they can produce about 150-200 small white or tinted eggs. The breed is known to start laying eggs late but they can lay eggs throughout the winter period.

They also tend to go broody fast and this makes them be good mothers to their chicks. They will devotedly sit on eggs until they hatch.

Suitable Climate

The breed cannot withstand cold seasons especially if the weather has snow. Ensure the chicken coop is insulated during this period to keep them warm. The breed is very active during the warm and dry season.

Reasons to Love Belgian D’Uccle Chicken

Friendly and Calm

The birds are some of the sweetest, loveliest and calmest breeds of chicken in the world. The female birds are charming especially if you walk into their coop. If you are in need of beautiful and kind-hearted birds then Belgian d’uccle is the best choice for you.


The breed has a wide variety of feature colors, patterns, and shades. The magnificent appearance of the birds makes them be popular and distinctive from other breeds. These are the perfect breeds if you want your backyard to glamour.

Perfect for Chicken Meat

Not all people keep chickens for egg purpose but there are other things like meat, feathery friends and companions. The birds are fleshy and thick since they lay a little number of eggs per year. This makes them be perfect for meat purposes at home.

Beards and Boots

Belgian d’uccle do have beautiful beards and boots. These physical features make them stand out from other breeds in your backyard. However, you need to be cautious since these types of birds tend to be susceptible to mites and lice.

Good Mothers

Hens that go broody faster tend to be good mothers to their chicks. Belgian d’uccle breed is by nature calm, kind and caring. These factors made them be considered to be good mothers.

Health Issues and Special Needs

The breed is not susceptible to any health issues but they are prone to leg mites since they have boots. It is recommended to regularly check the feet of your bird.

During warm seasons, pay attention to the beards and legs features since they might be infested with lice or mites.

Do not subject your breed to cold weather though they do well in winter as far as egg production is a concern. Ensure the chicken is insulated from cold.

All keep the backyard clean since the feathery legs can trap mud and dirt. You will be expected to clean them in order to keep them neat.


I cannot do without this breed in my backyard since they are lovely. The birds do patrol the backyard while boots and beards make them appear like ‘Charlie Chaplin’ way of walking.

Although they are not good layers, they can lay a good number of eggs during winter when other birds are busy resting. They also tend to increase the number of breeds since they go broody fast.

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