Barbados Blackbelly Sheep: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Barbados black belly sheep are great sheep breeds for a farming business. The general body appearance and coat color make them be the prettiest breed of sheep in the world.

If you are planning to start a profitable sheep farming business then consider this kind of sheep. They are very productive as far as commercial meat production is a concern.

In this article, you will learn about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and some of the common health issues related to the sheep breed.

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History and Origin of Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

These are breeds of domestic sheep that originated from the Caribbean island of Barbados. Some farmers call this sheep breed as black belly sheep or Barbados Barriga Nigra.

The sheep breed is highly popular in the Caribbean and South America countries. Mexico, Peru and the Caribbean region happen to be the countries where the sheep breed are found in large numbers.

The breed was developed from a cross between the European wool sheep breeds and the African hair sheep. The European wool sheep were brought into the island at around 1600s. The number of sheep breed has been increasing in recent days.

In 1904, the sheep breed was imported in the United States of America for the first time. The breed of sheep attracted a good number of farmers from Texas State. This is the state that is popularly known for rearing the Rambouillet Sheep breed.

In the year 2014, quite a good number of black belly sheep were registered. Are you in need of Barbados black belly sheep for sale? Well, you can now visit farmers in Texas and purchase two ewes and one ram.

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Characteristics

Size and Weight

These animals are relatively small in size as compared to other modern sheep breeds. The average weight of a mature ewe ranges between 39 and 45 kg while that of a mature ram ranges between 45 to 59 kg.

Climate Tolerance

The animals are extremely hardy and strong. They have the ability to survive in different weather climates without facing any kind of problem.

Behavior and Temperament

The sheep are very alert and docile in temperament. They tend to be skittish in behavior but they can easily be tamed and managed.

Reproduction Rate

These animals are highly prolific although they reproduce non-seasonal. The ewes have the capability of maintaining their pregnancies throughout the hot summer. Under good condition and management, the ewe can lamb twice a year.

Maintenance Cost

The sheep breed is great foragers. This implies that they feed well on the green pastures found naturally on the land. You can do away with artificial sheep supplements that tend to be very expensive.

Breed Purpose

The sheep is typically known for the production of high-quality meat that is flavored. Since the rams and ewes mature faster, the breed is the best for starting commercial sheep meat production.

Coat Color

The sheep breed occurs in different colors. It can appear in all shades of brown, yellow or tan. The general appearance of the coat makes these animals dazzling when compared to others.

Common Health Issues

The sheep breed tends to be hardy and strong. They can do well in both cold and hot weather climates. They have a strong immune system that enables them to be resistant to several kinds of sheep diseases.

They can tolerate a higher worm load without requiring chemical intervention. However, it is good to deworm them twice a year in order to make them healthy and productive.

In case of any signs of diseases, it is recommended to call a professional vet for diagnosis and treatment before the disease began to spread.

Note: The Barbados Blackbelly sheep breed is also sometimes used for crossbreeding purpose and the Barbados black belly sheep milk is highly nutritious. Can I get Barbados sheep for sale Oklahoma?

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Are you in need of Barbados sheep? Well, visit the nearby sheep breeder and inquire if you can some for sale then start meat sheep farming business. The demand for mutton is increasing in recent days across the world and this implies that you might earn huge profits in the long run.

Do you have Barbados cross sheep? We would love to hear more of their stories. Kindly use the comment form below and share it with us. Good Luck.

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