Australian Spotted Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Australian spotted duck is among the top rarest domestic ducks in the world today despite their beauty and adorable behavior.

The primary purpose of the duck breed is for the exhibition. The research shows that about less than 1000 birds still exist since its discovery.

The American livestock conservancy experts have listed the breed of duck as an endangered species, and they have opted to start breeding them again to avoid their extinction.

 In this post, you will discover information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics, uses and some of the common health issues affecting the kind.

History & Origin of Australian Spotted Duck

The breed of duck originated from the United States of America. Therefore, do not allow the name of the kind to mislead you.

According to historical records, the duck breed was developed by Stanley Mason of Pennsylvania and John C. Kriner at around 1920.

These two individuals develop the breed through crossbreeding of call ducks, mallards, pintails and various types of Australian wild ducks.

Several breeding sessions were undertaken until they were able to select the perfect breed of ducks. In 1928, the spotted duck was first exhibited, and many people thought that Pintails were not involved in the crossbreeding plan.

According to scientific research, the derivatives of mallard and pintail can render the duck to be sterile due to chromosomal differences.

However, it is still possible for the rare mutant mallard-pintail cross to contribute their genes to the generation to come. It is among the reason why the breed has some genes of pintail.

Although the breed is scarce, most duck breeders still keep them for exhibition purposes and also for making their backyard look adorable.

Australian Spotted Duck Characteristics

Size and Weight

The duck breeds are small to medium size. The average weight of the female or male duck is about 1 kg. The feature gives them the ability to fly very high up in the sky and it is the reason why they are grouped under Bantam ducks.

Behavior and Temperament

The ducks have an awesome personality, and they tend to be calm in temperament. Australian spotted duck temperament makes them be easily tamed and managed by even beginners in this kind of farming.

Climate Tolerance

The ducks are hardy, but they can only do well in their native climate. The North America climate is regarded to be the best for them.

Excellent Foragers

The ducks are great foragers, and they can help to control the population of snails, beetles, snow bugs and among other insects around the farmyard.

They are also known for eliminating the number of mosquito larvae in the pool hence reduce the spread of malaria among the family members.

Body Shape

They have well-developed breast muscles that are accompanied by extra fine meat texture. The feature is what also makes them suitable for meat production but not for commercial purposes.

The ducks have teardrop body shape with legs located at the center giving them the horizontal carriage appearance. The oval head that streamlines makes them stunning over other breeds of duck.

Varieties of the Duck Breed

The Australian Spotted breed occurs in three distinctive varieties. Some of the common varieties are greenhead, bluehead and silver head type. Depending on the color choice, all three types of magnificent appearance.

Flying Ability

The ducks are among the bantam class. They are excellent when it comes to flying around the farm. If you happen to stay in an urban area, then this is not a suitable breed for you since it can easily get lost.

The lifespan of the Bird

The duck breed tends to live for an extended period. The research from experts shows that they have a lifespan of about 8-12 years.

Uses of the Duck Breed

The domestic duck breed is not that common across the world. They are typically known for exhibition purposes. However, they are also known for meat and egg production.

Although they are small in size, they can lay medium size eggs. The average production of eggs is about 50 to 125 eggs per year.

The eggs have adorable colors such as cream, blue and green. Are you looking for Australian spotted duck eggs for sale? Well, you need to visit the nearest duck breeder around your place.

Health Issues of the Breed

The ducks do not have major known health issues. The good news is that they usually have natural health, but you will only be required to check the pests in their feathers.

It is recommended to vaccinate the ducks timely and provide them adequate water to prevent the occurrence of wet feather diseases.

Swimming in water enables the ducks to prevent the development of mites, ticks, fleas, and lice in their feathers. Also, remember to deworm the birds twice in a year to make them stay healthy.

In case you notice some weird symptoms of diseases, I recommend you consult a professional veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Australian Spotted Pictures

The pictures of Australian spotted ducks below will help to give detail vivid descriptions of the bantam class. Use the image to generate other hidden features of the duck.

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