Angeln Saddleback Pig: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

Angeln Saddleback pig is a domestic breed of pig mainly breed in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The pig breed has scant information over the internet since it is a rare breed.

The article provides detail information about the origin, characteristics, productivity rate, and pictures of the pig breed.  Let’s dive in now.

Angeln Saddleback Pig Origin

The pig breed is believed to have originated from Angeln, Germany. The strain of pig was developed by crossbreeding the local black and white landrace of Germany with Wessex pig breed.

Historical records show that the pig breed was established the separate and distinct kind in Schleswig-Holstein at around 1937.

In the year 1950s, the pig breed had developed a substantial market share, but in the recent century, the market has decreased due to its fatty meat.

The pig breed is suitable for outdoor ranging, and they are quite easy to manage. They tend to feed low on artificial feeds since they are excellent foragers.

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Characteristics of Angeln Saddleback Pig

Size and Weight

The pigs are large size hence making them great producers of meat for commercial purposes. The average weight of an adult sow is about 300 kg while that of a mature boar is approximately 350kg.

Behavior and Temperament

The pigs are calm but very active hence the reason why they are suitable for free-range farming. Their activeness make them love rolling in mad.

Productivity Rate

The sows are highly fertile, and they can give birth to a good number of piglets. They also tend to be good mothers.

Climate Tolerance

The pigs are hardy and robust. The feature enables them to survive in different weather climate without facing any problem.

Color of the Skin

The pigs are commonly known for having black skin with a white belt around the body and to the feet. This is the color that makes them distinctive from other breeds of pigs in the market.

Breed Profile and Pictures

The breed profile provides overview information about the pig breed and the picture outline other hidden physical characteristics of the pig.

Breed NameArapawa
Other NameArapawa Island
Breed SizeSmall
WeightBoars 120-180 kg
Sows 80-100 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorSandy or Tan with black batches
Place of OriginNew Zealand

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