Ancona Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Raising Ancona ducks is quite captivating. The Ancona duck is a beautiful, friendly, and excellent forager. It is among the rare dual-purpose duck in the world today.

There is extensive information about the duck breed, but most of it is speculative. Many breeders have no clue about the exact origin of the duck breed.

The article provides information about the history, origin, characteristics, uses, and management of Ancona ducks. Let’s jump in.

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History & Origin of Ancona Duck

The domestic dual-purpose duck breed originated from the United States of America. According to the waterfowl Club of America, the duck breed was discovered in 1913 by W.J. Wirt.

Research shows that the ducks were developed as a result of crossbreeding between the Indian Runner Duck and the Belgian Huttegem Duck breeds.

However, Magpie ducks are the closet relatives of Ancona ducks since they share several characteristics and ancestry.

The birds were admitted to the American Standards of Perfection in 1983 and also made available for the public in 1984.

Today, Ancona ducks are listed as endangered species in the livestock conservancy lists due to their decreasing number.

Ancona Duck Characteristics

Size and Weight

These ducks are medium size and stockier than Magpie ducks. They are also considered to belong to the top layer duck breeds in the world.

The average weight of the drake is about 2.8-3.1 kg while the ducks weigh approximately 2.2-2.6 kg. It is the reason why they have the reputation of being excellent meat producers.

Behavior and Temperament

The birds are calm, friendly, lovely, and not flighty. The feature makes them be simple to handle and also raise them as pets.

Climate Tolerance

The ducks are very hardy and adaptable. It is the reason why they can be breed in different weather climates.

Productivity Rate

The ducks are excellent layers. They can produce about 280 eggs per year. The color of the eggs is either white, cream, or blue.

The duck breeds have a compact and fleshy body. It is the feature that makes them be great meat producers in the world.

Maturity Rate

The breed of ducks have a fast maturity rate, and the ducks tend to start laying eggs at the age of five months.

Ducks Lifespan

Ancona duck’s lifespan ranges between five and eight years. The most productive year of the ducks is the first three years.

Varieties of Ancona

The ducks occur in types of colors such as blue and white, black and white, lavender and white, chocolate and white, silver and white. Sometimes they can be tri-colored.

Uses of the Duck Breed

The ducks have popularly raised egg production. However, they are considered to be utility duck breeds. It means that they can also be built for meat production.

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Pictures of Ancona Breed of Ducks

Use the map below to learn how the bill, legs, and physical conformation of the Ancona ducks. The physical characteristics outlined in the image will help you distinguish the duck from other breeds.

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