Ammonium Chloride For Goats: Ultimate Benefits

What is ammonium chloride for goats? Animal bodies need minerals in order to have proper functioning. There are some cases these minerals may not be absorbed into the body.

You will later notice your animals having malfunction body systems and also facilitate the formation of stones. The condition is quite common in male goats.

Formation of stones general occur in the urinary tract of the goats and result in a condition known as urinary calculi.

The condition gives the goat a hard time to pass out urine but ammonium chloride for goats happen to be the natural treatment of the condition.

If you intend to start a successful goat farming business then you need to know the natural treatment for urinary calculi in goats.

Ammonium chloride supplement is also known for treating urinary calculi in goats but you need to learn about the best way to feed ammonium chloride to goats.

In this post, you will learn about the benefits of ammonium chloride, how it is used to prevent and treat goats with urinary calculi.

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Benefits of Ammonium Chloride for Goats

Ammonium chloride for goats should be compulsory in any goat diet since they help to change the pH of the urine in order to prevent the occurrence of urinary calculi.

Sometimes the condition can be inevitable since the body of the goats reaches a point where they tend to be unable to absorb minerals into the systems.

The condition later results in the formation of stones that inhibit the goat from passing out the urine and this might be dangerous for your goats.

Do you know where to buy ammonium chloride? Well, I recommend you consult your vet about a reputable goat feeds store near you.

The condition is said to be common in male goats than female goats since they tend to have long urethra that is twisted and has several turns.

The urethra of the female goats is short and straight hence the reason why they are rarely affected by the condition. Do you know ammonium chloride cost? Visit the goat pellets near you for assistance.

What is the meaning of goat peeing blood? It sounds strange to me but it is better to seek further diagnosis from a specialist.

Therefore, you should note that an adequate supply of ammonium chloride food and supplements will help to prevent the occurrence as well as treat urinary calculi in goats.


Whoever said that prevention is better than cure was not a witch. Learn how to take care and breed your goats in order to prevent them from urinary calculi.

Use ammonium chloride supplements to treat your goat from the urinary blockage. Seek over the internet where to get ammonium chloride for sale.

I prefer to use ammonium chloride for meat goats since these goats are fed with the amount of grain diet as compared to the ewes.

The stones in the urinary tract develop when the pH level changes. The change leads to the crystallization of the urine into stone-like crystals which later blocks the tract.

Ammonium chloride help to make the urine acidic hence preventing the occurrence of stones. However, you need to get it from a reputable ammonium chloride manufacturers.

How much ammonium chloride do I give my goat? Well, use the table below and learn how to administer ammonium chloride for goats in their diet.

Ammonium Chloride

Pounds Per Ton of Feed

For Top-dress Feed


10 Pounds

2.24 gram


20 Pounds

4.54 gram


30 Pounds

6.81 gram

Apart from supplying goat mineral with ammonium chloride supplements and feeds, here are steps on how to prevent urinary calculi in goats:

  • Supply your goats with an adequate amount of clean and freshwater
  • Ensure the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the goat regular diet is about 2:1
  • Add 3% of goat salt in water in order to ensure daily increase intake of water by goats
  • Avoid wether goat or castrating goats


In case you notice that the urinary duct of the goat is completely blocked, it is recommended to take your goat to a professional vet for diagnosis and treatment.

The vet will conduct a surgical procedure in order to relief the goat. Oral drench treatment is the perfect method to adapt in case of partial blockage and this will help to dissolve the stones in order to expel the urine out.

How do you give a goat ammonium chloride? Well, it is quite simple but you need to consult your professional vet for proper guidance since there are so many factors that determine the entire process.

Here are steps on how to prepare oral drench treatment for your goat breed:

Goat’s Weight

Ammonium Chloride per Gallon Water

60 Pounds

1.56 lbs

45 Pounds

1.17 lbs

30 Pounds

0.78 lbs

Note: Use a mixture of 0.26 grams of ammonium chloride per kg of body weight

Be very careful when dealing with ammonium chloride for goats. Bear in mind the ammonium chloride toxicity in sheep and goat.

Generally, ammonium chloride is meant for cleaning the urinary tract for any animal in order to prevent the chances of blockage occurrence.

Before using any ammonium chloride feed and any other natural treatment like apple cider vinegar for urinary calculi, I recommend that you consult your vet.

Supply your goats with a sufficient amount of fresh and clean drinking water on a daily basis apart from using cranberry juice for goats to unblock the urinary tract.

Go for the best feed for goats and also the best hay for goats. These feeds will make them have a strong immune system that will prevent them from common goat diseases.

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