Everything To Know About Ameriflower Chicken

It is so exciting to have a wonderful and colorful breed of chickens like ameriflower chicken. The chickens are so gorgeous and they are good to be kept as pets.

The birds have the ability to lay beautiful and colorful eggs. This is the reason why they have grown in popularity across the world today.

In this post about a series of chicken breeds, you will discover more information about the history and origin of ameriflower, physical characteristics and reasons why they are loved by many poultry hobbyists around the world.

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History & Origin of Ameriflower Chicken

There is little information about the history and origin of Ameriflower chicken around the world. It is the most popular domestic bird that is kept by many people across the United States of America and countries in Europe.

The hens have attracted many poultry keepers around the world because of the wonderful eggs they lay. The coloring of the eggs and the delicious meat make them gain reputation across the world.

The designer breed still remains unique due to its feathers and this is the reason why there is little information about the history. More research is being undertaken by experts in the poultry conservancy.

Characteristics of Ameriflower Chicken

Size and Weight

Ameriflower is large fowl but very rare to get. Most of the varieties are not yet discovered and they weight between 5 to 7 pounds.


Both the roosters and hens are friendly as well as great foragers. They are easy to manage and handle. The calmness and gentle behavior happen to be the reason why you would love to keep them in your backyard. They have the ability to tolerate confinement.

Ideal Climate

The birds have tough and strong genes that enable them to withstand adverse weather conditions regardless of the location where they are being kept. They can survive in both cold and warm weather climates.

Egg Production

The birds are kept typically because of eggs and meat. However, they are the great egg producers as compared to other breeds of chickens in the country.

Reasons Why Ameriflower are Popular

Strong and Tough

The birds have strong genes that are derived from wild game birds. These genes give them the ability to withstand either a cold or warm climate. This is among the reasons why so many poultry keepers love them so much.

Great Egg Layers

If you are in need of a daily supply of eggs then this is the right breed for you and your family. The birds tend to lay eggs on a regular basis and they rarely go broody. They lay between 250-300 eggs per year.


The birds are ever docile and friendly. They show their affectionate love by following the owner while in the backyard. They can easily be tamed and manage even by children when you are away. They can also be kept as pets.

Attractive Eggs

The eggs laid by the hens are usually blue to green in color. These are colors are so cute and wonderful. The good thing about the breed is that the eggs are usually large in size as compared to other breeds of chickens.

Health Issues of Ameriflower Breed

There is no reported information about the health problem for the breed of chicken. The breed of chicken is hardy and robust. It can survive in both cold and warm kinds of weather.

However, you need to be extra careful about the parasite infestations. Always remember to check the dense feathers for any signs. Apply Vaseline on the comb in order to prevent frostbites during winter.

Wrap Up

If you are in need of the most gorgeous eggs and attractive breed of chicken to blend your flocks in the backyard then ameriflower is the best breed of chicken for you.

In case you have this breed on your farm, kindly share with us about their stories in the comment form below and we will highly appreciate it.

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