American Yorkshire Pig: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

There are a lot of Yorkshire pig facts some of which can be confusing to many novices. American Yorkshire pig is one of the large white Yorkshire swine breeds.

The show pig breeds tend to be unique and different from Chester White pigs. It is typically being farmed for the production of meat.

The article provides comprehensive information about Yorkshire pig characteristics, history, origin, and pictures. Let’s get started.

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History & Origin of American Yorkshire Pig

Yorkshire pig is a domestic pig that is popularly being breed in the United States of America. The pig is an American version of a large white pig.

Historical records show that the pig breed originated from the Yorkshire region in England. Research shows that the domestic kind was developed in 1830.

The Yorkshire pig facts show that it was first imported in Ohio, but it never becomes popular until the 1940s since it has a slow growth rate.

The agricultural revolution in the pig industry has been improving gradually, and this has spearheaded the rise in several pigs in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

The technological advancement has fostered quality Yorkshire breeds. Yorkshire pig size and Yorkshire pig weight are what make them stand out from other strains of pigs.

Getting an American Yorkshire pig for sale today in the United States is quite easy. The pigs are found almost in all states of the US. Some of the countries include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Nebraska.

American Yorkshire Swine Characteristics

Size and Weight

The American Yorkshire swine is a large breed of pig. The Yorkshire pig weight chart shows that a mature sow weighs about 204-295 kg while a mature boar weighs approximately 250 to 340 kg.

Climate Tolerance

The pigs are hardy and robust. They tend to thrive well in different weather climates despite being cold or hot. They have a reputation for enduring different ecological environments with ease.

Behavior and Temperament

The pigs are quite outgoing since they love rolling in the mud. However, they tend to be calm and friendly. They can be confined easily without any complications. They are mainly regarded as outdoor breeds.

Fertility and Maturity Rate

Sows are highly fertile, and they tend to birth to about 13 piglets. The Yorkshire piglets mature very fast as compared to other breeds of pigs.

The feature has made it easy to maintain the number of swine, and this is the reason why they are regarded as the largest sources of pigs documented in the world.

Productivity Rate

The rate at which sows are giving birth to piglets is quite high, and these piglets grow very fast. Yorkshire pig meat quality is topnotch since they are outdoor swine breeds. Yorkshire pig pros and cons are quite many, but the latter tend to overshadow the other one.

American Yorkshire Pig Breeds Picture

The image below outlines some of the hidden physical characteristics of the Yorkshire swine. Use them to be able to spot the pig breed from a distance. Consider checking the arrangement of the ears and appearance of the skin coat color.

English Yorkshire Pig Profile

Weight5.5-11.5 lbs
Lifespan7-12 years
Body ShapeCylindrical
Best Suited ForIndoor/Outdoor
TemperamentDocile, Friendly, Affectionate
Comparable BreedsEnglish Angora Rabbit, Giant Angora Rabbit

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