What Everybody Ought to Know About American Rabbit

Are you ready to conquer rabbit farming business with American rabbit breed?

Rabbit farming business is a battle. Introducing unique breeds on your farm on a regular basis will help you reap huge profits that other breeders cannot manage.

How can I introduce new breeds on my farm? A typical question that can be asked by a beginner but let’s take the chills and begin the chase.

A rabbit breeder needs to be versatile. What does this imply? Is a person who is ready to go an extra mile of reading and researching about all breeds of rabbits in the world, right?

To cut of the cardiac rhythm, let’s explore the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics, management and learn common health issues linked to the breed.

Here is a quick way on how to build an American rabbit empire that you can be proud of. Double the benefits, double the power as a rabbit hobbyist.

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History and Origin of American Rabbit

The rabbit breed was developed in 1917 as a multipurpose breed for both fur and meat production. According to American livestock conservancy, it is believed that the rabbit breed was the first domestic rabbit to be developed in the United States.

The rabbit occurs as a result of crossbreeding from Flemish giant, blue Vienna, imperial and beveren. Initially, before the world war one, the breed of the rabbit was known as German Blue Vienna.

The popularity of the rabbits keep on growing the United States after the Second World War and many people kept on getting confused about the rabbit breed. Most people used to refer to it as mixed breed or mutt rabbits.

According to the research done by our experts, it shows that the breed of the rabbit was actually developed in the 1910s by Lewis H. Salisbury of Pasadena, California.

In 1917, is the actual year the breed was accepted and admitted to American Rabbit Breeders Association while the white variety was recognized in 1925.

Characteristics of the American Rabbit

See how easily you can distinguish the rabbit breed from others using the following adorable features:

Size and Weight

The mandolin rabbits are typically large-sized breeds. The body is fleshy and compact making them suitable for meat. The average weight of the rabbit is about 4 to 5.5kgs.

 Behavior and Temperament

The breeds have sweet temperament hence suitable to be managed and handle even by beginners or children. They have good mothering skills thus being able to nurse their offspring until they mature.

Climate Tolerance

The rabbits are hardy and their bodies have the ability to adjust to different weather climates. These features enable them to survive in different countries without experiencing any problem.

Maturity Rate

The breed of rabbits has a faster maturity rate. This implies that they grow very fast to reach marketing weight thus making them suitable for commercial meat production.


The average lifespan of the rabbit breeds ranges between 5 and 8 years. If they have properly cared, they are likely to live longer than that period stipulated.

Purpose of the Breed

These rabbits are known to be a great producer for both fur and meat for commercial purposes. However, they can also be great for shows and also as pets.

Color and Appearance

Blue and white are the common colors associated with the breed of rabbit. The blue variety has the darkest blue coat while the white variety has a white coat with red eyes.

The rabbit has a well-shaped body that is narrower with proportionate ear length tapering on point. They also have a long loin that distinguishes them from other domestic rabbits with similar qualities.

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Little Known Ways to Care for American Rabbits

Most of these rabbits are ever clean but it is advisable to bath them at all. You are only expected to groom them with a rabbit brush to make their fur stunning.

You should also buy a rabbit cage in case you opt to keep them indoors but make sure the cage is large enough to accommodate their sizes.

Outdoor rabbit shelter needs to be secured in order to protect them from potential predators. Also, ensure the floor and the general design make them warm as well as comfortable especially during winter.

These rabbits have a simple diet just like the other breeds of rabbits. Ensure there is an adequate supply of hays, grass, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Common Health Issues

The good thing about the breed is that they are less susceptible to the common health issues linked to other common domestic rabbits.

Supply your rabbit with high quality feeds in order to improve their immune system. Or else, they may suffer from overgrown teeth, tumors and other common diseases.

Allow them to enjoy sunshine since this will help to make their bones very strong hence reducing the chances of getting injuries from their skittish behavior.


Is there a market to find an American rabbit for sale? Yes. So many private individuals are venturing into rabbit farming business and they tend to sell most of their surplus. We can help you get in touch with most of these rabbit hobbyists.

Meanwhile, do you have these rabbits on your farm? We would like to hear their stories. Kindly use the comment form below to share it with us. Thanks.

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