Thrilling Information about American Fuzzy Lop rabbit

What is an American fuzzy lop rabbit? The breed of rabbit is typically that of Holland lop rabbit. The bunnies occur in different colors that have both broken and solid patterns.

These are great breeds of rabbits to have them in your backyard and their gorgeous outlook make them astonishing when compared to other ordinary rabbit breeds.

In this post, you will discover cool facts about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and some of the common health issues associated with them.

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History and Origin of American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

The fancy breed of rabbits originated from the United States of America just as the name suggests. The rabbits have close similarities like those of Holland lop fuzzy but their wooly fur makes them stand apart from them.

The crossbreed between Holland Lop and English spot lead to the development of broken patterns of fuzzy lop rabbit. This development occurred due to the desire of breeders to have broken pattern fuzzy lop rabbits.

The crossbreeding happen to be successful but the offspring failed to have rollback coat and this is what spearheaded further crossbreeding with French Angora Rabbits.

The rabbit breeds are famous for their stunning rollback coats and the gene was then passed to the Holland lop rabbit which is the reason behind their long wooly fur.

The breed of rabbit is now highly recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association but the British Rabbit Council is yet to recognize them.

The breed has become popular in the American States and typically raised for shows as well as pets. They have amazing features that make them be adorable.

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Characteristics

Size and Weight

The breed has compact body structure but they tend to be small in size. The average weight of the bunny is about 1.4-1.8kg.

Body Shape

The fuzzy rabbit has a muscular body that is compact. The ears of the bunnies lop along the sides of the face with a short and flat muzzle. They also have a broad chest that has a great view from the front.

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Colors and Appearance

The American Fuzzy occurs in different colors of which these colors are recognized by the ARBA. They tend to come in Agouti coloring which is a combination of chestnut, chinchilla, or squirrel with white.

The fuzzy rabbits have distinctive colors on the nose, eyes circle and ears that are tinted. The amazing colors are what make them be suitable as pets.

Climate Tolerance

The crossbreeding process during their development made these bunnies to acquire robust genes. The genes have made the rabbits be hardy and have the ability to adjust fast to different weather climates. This implies that they can live anywhere across the world without any problem.

Purpose of the Breed

The adorable rabbits have sparkling colors that make them suitable to be kept as pets. They are very calm and docile in nature.

Behavior and Temperament

The fuzzy bunnies are very active, playful and social animals. They are easy to cuddle and also beloved as compared to other breeds of rabbits. Their skittish personality makes them tricky to be handled by children.


The average life expectant of American Fuzzy rabbits is about 5-8 years. Some are capable of living up to 10 years in case you care for them well.

How to Care for American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

These are the only breed of rabbits that are ever clean. When it comes to grooming, they are able to take of themselves. During molting, brush the soft wooly coat in order to make them exceptional.

Ensure their diet consist of about 70-80 percent hay and grass. The rest 20 percent of the meal ensures it comprises of fruits and vegetables.

Do not confine the furry animal in the cage for a long time but always around them to move around the house and outside. Protect them from potential predators by fencing your homestead well.

During winter ensure your fuzzy rabbit is happy by providing a warm and comfortable sleeping zone for them. Also, remember to take them outside to enjoy sunshine since it is essential for the strengthening of bones.

Common Health Issues

These fuzzy animals are not susceptible to any common rabbit diseases but the breeder is expected to watch out the blocking of the wool.

Ensure the rabbits are feed well or else they might starve to death. It is recommended to deworm the rabbit a least twice a year in order to prevent the parasites from affecting their growth.

In case to prevent your fuzzy from eating the fur that can cause blockage of the intestines, you should treat them with papaya enzyme tablets which help to breakdown the furball.

Also, watch out on the dental formation of the rabbit in order to prevent them from overgrowing. Supply adequate hay and grass in their diet so that they can shed off the overgrown teeth.


The fuzzy rabbits are very adorable and loveable in the appearance. They are great breeds of rabbits to be kept as pets. Do you know where to find an American fuzzy lop rabbit for sale? Well, get in touch with us for a connection.

Do you keep these fuzzy rabbits? We would love to hear their stories. Feel free to share in the comment form below and we will appreciate.

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